Concierge Services: help tailored to your wishes

Concierge Services: help tailored to your wishes

Concierge services are those that provide you with help tailored to your wishes when you live abroad, or in another city in Spain, and you need a team of professionals to resolve what you need in the most efficient way. It is the luxury of not having to worry about anything because you have in the concierge service, a service that will provide you with exactly what you require, getting each and every detail right.

Contáctanos para celebrar tu Evento

What do the concierge services consist of?

Concierge services can be as varied as your purposes. Have you thought of Madrid to celebrate your wife´s birthday? Concierge services provide you all you need. Do you want to organize a gastronomic trip through the best restaurants in the capital? Our services of conciergerie will help you. Do you need a personal assistant for those shopping days that you have been dreaming of for so long? Are you looking for VIP transportation with high-end vehicles for your vacation trips?

Perhaps you have to travel to Madrid for work reasons and you want to make a real estate investment in the capital. Or maybe your son’s birthday coincides with your visit to Spain and you want to throw him a big party that will instantly become one of his best memories for life. Concierge services offer you just what you want in the fastest and most efficient way, with a clear commitment to excellence

Personal Assistant

A personal assistant is the person who takes care of making your life easier. Concierge services solves this problems too. You just have to say what you need to see your wishes fulfilled, from picking up an item at a boutique, making a reservation at a fashion store, a personalized makeup service or the accompaniment of a personal shopper who can advise you. Discretion and professionalism make the difference. 

Gastronomic proposals

Each region of Spain offers a unique gastronomic proposal and in Madrid you can find some of the best restaurants in Spain, under the guarantee of Michelin stars. Maybe you want a private chef, you are thinking of an event with exclusive catering, going to try the most exquisite tapas or having a personalized tasting with the best sommelier. You just have to dream it so our services of conciergerie make it come true.

First class transportation

How do you want to get around Madrid? If you are looking for a private driver our concierge services can offer you the best professionals with high-end cars. We can also wait for you at the airport to accompany you to the hotel or organize a private jet so that you can go to your destination in the fastest and most comfortable way. Tell us what you need and we will respond promptly to your call.

Unique experiences in concierge services

We take care of everything you may want to do. Perhaps you would like to take your child to a sporting event or visit a museum behind closed doors. Or enjoy a day of beauty and relaxation to get your body and soul ready. How would you like a private theater or flamenco show? We also organize dream weddings, VIP birthday parties or anniversaries in luxury venues, perfectly equipped and decorated for the occasion. Whatever you imagine, for yourself or for whoever you love the most.

Real estate investment

Concierge services also include the search for your new home, and its decoration, according to your preferences. If you want to invest in the capital of Spain to spend your family holidays here or for work reasons, you are looking for a house with the best views or simply to invest and not worry about anything other than signing a contract, we can help you.

Whatever you dream or need, true luxury is delegating to professionals who offer you a service capable of exceeding your highest expectations. Concierge services are our specialty. Welcome to the possibility of making your wishes come true!

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