El cumpleaños de princesas de Adriana

El cumpleaños de princesas de Adriana

At the beginning of March we met with Marta, a happy mother delighted with the idea of ​​starting to organize and design the birthdays of her two little ones, Nicolás and Adriana, since their birthdays are just a few days apart.

A few days ago we showed you how  Nico’s second birthday turned out and the animal farm that we prepared to make it an unforgettable day.

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On Saturday, May 25, it was Adriana’s turn, who, since she is an older girl, enjoys choosing the theme for her party, and this year she decided that she wanted a princess birthday! All of her friends would be dressed for the occasion and she had chosen Jasmine, although it is true that she loves all of them, Jasmine falls in love with her!

This is how we started organizing each and every one of the details of this beautiful birthday.

A bouncy castle for princesses, of course, we knew that in a corner of the beautiful garden it would delight the girls. And, of course, the animation could not be missing, also themed like all the rest of the birthday party.

We know that the decoration of the space is the ideal setting for everything to shine, and that is why we decided on a beautiful photocall, the themed sweet table and also an elegant table with the details for the guests, which we then also used for Adriana to blow the candles and cut the beautiful cake. 

princess birthday

We framed the sweet table with a beautiful arch of colored balloons , and in the background the princesses were waiting for the guests 🙂

princess birthday

As for the catering, we chose a fresh spring cocktail that we knew would be a hit with children and adults alike.

On Saturday we were there early on a beautiful spring morning and little by little the magic began to happen. In the beautiful garden, the elegant princesses began to take shape, and every corner looked like a castle from a fairy tale. Adriana was beautiful waiting for her friends who one by one arrived dressed as a gala for such an ideal occasion.

Thank you, it was a dream party, beautiful as always!

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